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ACC teams have easier and tougher slates in a new schedule

The ACC unveiled a modified slate Wednesday afternoon, adopting a scheduling model of 1

0 conference games and one non-conference game.

With the new schedule comes the news of Notre Dame as an ACC member for this season. Notre Dame was already a contractual partner with the ACC, and with many of Notre Dame’s other games being canceled with the Pac-12 and Big 10 moving to conference schedules only, the move made natural sense.

The league also announced that there is no division for this year. The top two teams in terms of an ACC winning percentage will appear in the ACC Championship Game.

The ACC season will start the week of September 5th and end with the championship season on December 12th or 19th.

So let’s take the time to evaluate which team conference schedules have become tougher and which ones have come out easier? To evaluate, I will project a winning percentage of a new conference and compare it to that Existing projections of the conferences I did back in March. Also note that wit or not limited fans in the stands, I’m not too heavy on home or street games.

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