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Model Y Diary: Delivery, gaps in the panels and 1-impressions

This is an ongoing journal of my first week with Model Y. See Day 1 here.

Having the Model Y was very easy, and you could say that this was a well thought out process on the part of Tesla. All the money was taken in advance, and I even had pretty significant credit since Tesla lowered the price by $ 3,000 between payout and pickup. Like I said before, I tried to get FSD for $ 7,000, but Tesla charged $ 8,000, so I’ll decide later if I want it.

Compare that to my Chevy experience where it took me two full days to sell the Bolt to me at MSRP, and I’m pretty sure I will never visit a traditional bargain. Oh, and let me start at the local Toyota dealer.

With Covid, there are some nuances to the delivery experience, but here’s how it came down:

Model Y first sighting

I looked at the Tesla showcase and at the street parking lot in my Model X. Then I emailed them at the store to let them know who I was there and what car I was in and what I was wearing. While I was waiting, I tried to make the last reboot of the Model X screen, but my Tesla rep Justin greeted me in the car before the screen came out. He said everything was ready and asked if I wanted to fill the paperwork. I said I would check the car first.

I previously asked her if I could take photos and video, and Tesla asked me not to do so in case I accidentally caught customers or other vendors. This sounds a little dubious, but I planned to take some photos of some issues with the car.

As an aside, I saw MKBHD’s review of the Model Y and was thoroughly shocked at the issues that seemed to be his. And his was a press vehicle (!!!). Starting at 8:40 below:


So I walked out and walked away socially, we both made our way to the small parking lot where he showed me what appeared to be a beautiful white Model Y with a white interior. I don’t know how to do that, but that white interior looks amazing and unlike any other white interior I’ve ever seen.

I started making my way around the car, looking for trouble. On close inspection, I found quite a few but no dealbreakers. Most of the panels did not align well and showed some of the same MKBHD.

Panel Model Y gap / stains

If you need a gallery, I’ll put a few of the highlights below:

While one or a few panel anomalies may inform, I feel that Tesla could have done much better here, especially since I told them ahead of time that I will do a thorough inspection. I talked to Justin about my complaints, he picked it up and said Tesla was going to rectify them. Since then I have scheduled an appointment for Friday.

But something didn’t go well. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla said in an email to Model 3 employees:


Most of the design tolerances of the Model 3 are already better than any other car in the world. Soon, they will all be better. That is not enough. We will keep going until the accuracy of the Model 3 builds a factor of ten better than any other car in the world. I am not leaving.

Our car needs to be designed and built with such accuracy and precision that, if an owner measures the dimensions, gaps in the panels and flushness, and their measurement does not match the specification of the Model 3, it only means that t their measuring tape is bad.

Some parts suppliers do not want or are unable to reach this level of accuracy. I understand that this will be seen as an unreasonable request by some. That’s right, there are many other car companies with much lower standards. They just can’t work with Tesla.

Knowing that this is the standard Tesla set for itself, I was quite disappointed. I thought I waited long enough for the imperfections to be flawed.

At this point, the thought of driving home in the middle of my work Model X vs driving home in an almost perfect Model Y with some strange gaps in the panel and a small stain on the pillar B, is likely to swing me more than you should. But you can probably guess what happened next.

I said, “let’s schedule an appointment to clean up this thing, and I’m going to do the paperwork and be on the road.”

The Model Y paperwork was a total of about 4-5 signatures. I did this in the car, but chose the Tesla office air conditioner because there were only 1-2 other customers there.

On my way back to my car, I was sad about two other Model Y purchases. They both seemed to have similar issues as me. A family was taking a red Model Y Performance, and they were looking over some of the board’s gaps. It also looked dirty with my white interior.

Further down, another 40-something family man was wearing a white Model Y with black wheels and black wheels. Same story, inspect the board gaps.

In both cases, I think the excitement overcame some flawed issues.

And so I found in the Model It is not perfect but still definitely worthy at home. My immediate reactions:

  • The car is almost 100% Model 3 from the driver experience. Obviously you’re taller and this has some effects on turns and handling but overall I was happy. It’s fun!
  • The suspension, as you would expect, is much stronger than the Model X, especially on larger bumps. I got a Model very early so I thought Tesla made its 3 / Y suspension much quieter than now but nope!
  • It’s so much fun to drive that I exploded almost an hour on the long road home.
  • I don’t like standard wheels. I can powder coat them black
  • Using USB-C is awesome but that means I have new adapters. I will also measure the output – hopefully it will be able to charge quickly.
  • The rear seating area is large and the extra leg / load space under the front seats will be appreciated.
  • The cargo area is also big and that bottom-up is huge … as is the frunk.
  • I have already installed a Jeda Wireless pad so I can do the landscaping
  • I bought a $ 50 cargo liner pad for the dog.
  • If you have a dog, the back area may be perfect for them to be able to see what is going on and stand up but should not be able to jump into the back seats.

And some images of the parting of what it will cover in the coming days.

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