Mike Moustakas and Nick Senzel stayed in the holding model for two days after telling Cincinnati Reds heath staff that they felt unwell Sunday morning.

Moustakas was scratched from Sunday’s lineup and placed on the injured list. Senzel was another start from the lineup, but he stayed on the roster.

The Reds have not had updates on their status in the next two days – teams are limited on what they can say when it comes to testing COVID-19 – but Nick Castellanos provided an update after Tuesday 8-5 in the loss of Chicago Cubs when he answered a question about his belief in the team roster.

“If you look at our lineup, unfortunately with some of these (exploratory) protocols, you know, Moose and Senzel both have negative tests, but they can’t play until Thursday,” Castellanos said. “That was obviously a big layoff because they̵

7;re both big parts of our lineup.”

Moustakas and Senzel will return a day before Castellanos was waiting. Moustakas was activated from the list of injured. Senzel tweeted Wednesday afternoon that he was “back” and it was “weird times.”

Both players were in Wednesday’s lineup against the Chicago Cubs.

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Moustakas and Senzel tested negative for COVID-19 and showed no symptoms after Sunday, according to a source with knowledge of their test results. Both players filed and won an appeal before the league’s Joint Committee on Wednesday morning, according to a source, to allow them to return after testing the negatives.

Any player who reports symptoms of COVID-19 or shows a fever above 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit must isolate himself from the squad, according to the league’s operations manual. Following symptom reporting, teams are instructed to arrange a rapid diagnostic test for COVID-19. The player must then provide an additional saliva sample for “confirmatory diagnostic PCR testing.”

To receive a green light to return, the tournament operation manual says, one, the results of the expedited diagnostic test and confirmatory testing should be confirmed as negative for COVID-19, two, the player shows no symptoms and, three, the team doctor gives permission to return to the team facilities.

Players sitting in a holding design after showing symptoms is not unique to the Reds. The Atlanta Braves had two catches, Travis d’Arnaud and Tyler Flowers, losing the first five games of the season after reporting their own symptoms. Braves manager Brian Snitker said they both tested negative for COVID-19.

Reds infielder Matt Davidson, who was the team’s selected ruler in Friday’s season opener, was placed on the injured 10-day roster on Saturday after a positive test for COVID-19. When Moustakas and Senzel were ill on Sunday, there were concerns that could be related.

Some of the Reds ’frustration with“ (exploratory) ”protocols is that it disincentivizes players to report symptoms if there are barriers to return despite being tested negative for COVID-19. The league, of course, will err on the side of caution after the Miami Marlins had a coronavirus outbreak in their clubhouse.

All Marlins games have been postponed until Monday. The Philadelphia Phillies, who played the Marlins last weekend, had their games postponed until Friday. The New York Yankees and Baltimore Orioles, who were supposed to play the Marlins and Phillies this week, will play each other Wednesday and Thursday in Baltimore.

The Washington Nationals are out this weekend because they were scheduled to play the Marlins. Citizens took a vote on the team on the Marlins games this weekend; only one player voted in favor of the game.

“We’re really close and we’re very united,” Citizens manager Dave Martinez said. “I heard a sound of players, and they had some concerns. I wanted to talk about it. We had a vote, and we all decided it was probably not safe to go there.”

Urgency is high for the Reds after losing four consecutive games – including all three without Moustakas and Senzel. Moustakas has four hits in eight bat-bats this season with a homer and four RBI. Senzel is 0-for-7 with a scored run.

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