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Sharing New Animals: New Horizons of Datamine Reveal Exciting Potential Increases

Summer Update Animal Sharing

The last Animal Sharing: New Horizons update – Version 1.4.0 – was only available for a few hours, but the dataminers have already started digging into the game files to see if they can discover juicy and new details.

A well-known dataminer known as Ninji has found many new references that can give a hint of potential additions coming into the game. We avoided showing these in the title of this article or lead image to avoid potential spoilers, so go back to safety now if you don’t want to see what might be on the horizon.

Don’t you mind being dirty? Then read on.

New references found in game files appear to include crops and vegetables, such as cane, potatoes, carrots, wheat, tomatoes and squash, as well as sewing and cooking items. Of course, this suggests that some form of vegetable growth and cooking abilities may open up for players in future updates.

VGC reports that Ninji previously unveiled additions to New Horizons such as the art gallery and diving previously officially featured.

So, if these new features really appear in the game, when can they be captured? We already know that the next major update to the game is planned to launch this Fall, so we imagine it will appear then.

It is also worth mentioning that although such things have been found in the game files, there is nothing to stop Nintendo from deciding to release these additions. Until Nintendo officially announces cooking and growing vegetables as new features, be sure to keep your excitement under control.

Do you like the sound of these potential new features? Do you really hope to end up in the game at some point? Let us know in the usual place.

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