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The Death of Cassie Review from the Case of Sharon, Camryn Grimes, and Joshua Morrow

Ma Youth and Rest Old episodes are aired, many iconic events are re-emerging. One such story is the death of Cassie Newman, portrayed by Camryn Grimes. In a recent interview, the actress and her on-screen parents, Sharon Case and Joshua Morrow, talked about the episodes and scenes, which are some of the most notable in the show’s history.

Case Sharon, Camryn Grimes
Case Sharon, Camryn Grimes | Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images for NATAS

Cassie’s death is one of the show’s most iconic and impactful stories to date.

Cassie Newman, the daughter of Sharon and Nick Newman, died on screen in 2007. Grimes had been playing the character for over 10 years. The character’s death had reverberating impacts on the show and his canvas. Cassie’s death is arguably one of the biggest points of history in the 47-year-old show.

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Grimes returned several times after the character’s death as a ghost, which appeared several times until 2014. The same year, she debuted as a new character, Mariah Copeland. This character was written as the antithesis of Cassie. Mariah was initially hired by Nick’s father, Victor, to make Sharon. However, it was eventually revealed that Mariah is in fact Sharon’s secret daughter and that it is Cassie’s twins who were stolen at birth. Mariah was first portrayed as villainous, but like Cassie, she is now the most loved in the show and is praised for being an innovative character.

Here’s what the key players involved in the story have to say today

In an interview with Michael Fairman TV, Case, Grimes and Morrow discussed the episode in which Cassie dies. Since the show is still airing old episodes due to the pitfalls of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), the one in which Cassie left was one of the last featured. The episode was part of the Newman family-themed week-long show.

“I didn’t see the depth of what we were trying to do. But, as I said, you feel later, how you feel that you touched different people,” Morrow said, as reported by Confidential by day. I am most proud of him and also the most sad. I remember when they were shooting at him, I couldn’t hear a pin drop on a very noisy sound stage.

On the episode, Case said, “I thought the editing was amazing; the light, everything, was so well done. I love the slow-mo. I loved when Joshua was signing, I loved how that was framed. He just picked up everything so beautiful. “

The actress also revealed that Melody Thomas Scott, who portrays Nikki Newman, also played a crucial role in the scene that many people don’t know about. “I think Melody told me that she either assisted or had a lot to say about editing,” Case explained. She is involved; she was so moved by the storyline of the story, of course we were all, and was partly involved in the editing. ”

Youth and Rest airs during the week on CBS.

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