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Upgrading PC Forward Leads to Backlash Over Graphics Changes

Today Forward released for Oculus Quest with PC crossplay and the upgrade resulted in some big PC changes Onward. Fans are not happy.

As a result of the port, the PC version of Onward has been bundled with v1.8, which includes dramatic changes to accommodate for alterations made to make the game work on Quest. Previously, Downpour Interactive had told us that these changes were largely in the form of changing the layout, removing some features that the Quest now couldn’t have such as extra leaves, and so on. But it seems more dramatic than that. The Onward Discord server is a constant stream of unhappy users with updating and posting reports of various new bugs.

After reading Onward VR Reddit comments, new PC VR user reviews, Discord impressions, and trying out the new 1

.8 version of Onward PC for myself, the differences are pretty clear. Each map now appears remarkably visually reduced, suffering from similar pop-in themes that hamper the Quest version, and is generally of low quality now.

Late last month the Blog Dev gave a hint on these changes, but it doesn’t sound as dramatic as it seems now.

On the bright side, the upgrade has resulted in significant stability and performance improvements on the PC. Users who previously had issues with maintaining a framerate will likely now have a much easier game to enjoy. In addition, KasperVid, Community Manager at Front Discord, claims that the new structure of the game will allow for more robust and feature-rich updates in the future:

“We’ve rewritten and rebuilt large parts of the game in the past few months,” says KasperVid on Discord. “On the one hand we have created tons of headroom for future improvements and expansions to the game, on the other hand there is the temporary pain we are experiencing now. And I fully understand that it is frustrating. But we have been working on this game. for many years, and we are dedicated to it. That does not change, and please give us that little bit of credit that we will do well, soon. “

In addition, MrDeathpwn, Community Manager ahead at Reddit, also explains, “me and the devs have recorded all your feedback and will do our best to resolve these issues as much as possible. I will share all the reactions with the team. Let’s make this situation 2 steps forward and 1 step back. “

We have reached down directly to Downpour Interactive for an additional comment and will update this post once we hear back. Let us know what you think about the 1.8 update on the PC down in the PC comments below!

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