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Washington has released first-team merchandise, and it is possible there is a clue to the future name of the franchise

The Washington Football Team recently released a new merchandise that can be purchased through the team’s official website. But this is not the focal point of this story. The focus is on the bread crumbs that Washington may have left as it relates to the nickname of their future team.

A rational person looks at the “evidence” below and says that the text style chosen for each shirt is meant to tie in with the design of the temporary “W” logo, which involves serif marks at the top of each ” arm ”of the letter pointing to the left, providing an effect that the letter (and the full word“ Washington ”) moves forward. It is also possible that although these designs are unique to Washington now, they may become available to other teams in the coming weeks. We are 99% sure that one of these two things is what is happening here.

But let’s have fun and talk about the other 1

% by looking at the merchandise again and seeing what we can find. When you start this rabbit hole, keep in mind that the team, if they are thinking of their fans, will create team merchandise that can be worn beyond this year when the team unveils the nickname. new and its officials.

If the “W” logo that the team is temporarily using, which appears on several of their new jersey designs and which you can see at the bottom right of the image below, is indicative of the planned direction of the new nickname, we can conclude that Washington is strongly considering calling itself “the Warriors.” The Warriors nickname was reported on the table this summer, before the team decided to wait a year before releasing a new nickname.

Most of Washington’s new merchandise includes the team’s new “W” logo.

Team shop in Washington

However, note the “Washington” text style on the shirt above. See how the white lines with a line start near the bottom of “W” and rise as they move toward the “N”? It’s almost as if that part of the test is being “removed” like a plane from a runway. The marked lines (more prominent as the text moves to the right) also evoke the contrasts you see coming out of the back of a plane in the sky.

Why is it important? It’s possible that this style of flying test could mean the team is considering the nickname “Redtails,” which, for every CBS Sports NFL writer Jared Dubin, is a shop for airplanes flying from -Tuskegee Airmen, an all-Black fighter squadron, and bombers who fought in World War II and were the first Black military aviators in the United States Armed Forces. The first five Airmen admitted were from Washington, which gives the city Redtails a specific connection to the city. ”

“Moving forward” font is a constant theme on Washington’s new merchandise.

Team shop in Washington

When you take the flying theme, notice the swoosh lines that go by the name “Washington” in our second design above. Could this be another indication that the team is considering integrating the flight, similarly, into the future nickname? The bright yellow line starting from below the “W” and rising upwards through the “A” also seems to give the atmosphere of rising on a sharp plane.

Sure, this style of font can only be a coincidence. But how much fun would that be? Also, considering the popularity surrounding the Redtails nickname, this can be a foretaste of what’s to come.

If you go with the flying theme, the nickname “Redhawks” is another possible option, assuming Washington is thinking so. Redhawks is actually the nickname of the University of Miami in Ohio. Like Washington, Miami had to withdraw its old nickname before moving away again.

Do the rougher lines in this design point in a different direction?

Team shop in Washington

You should see more counter-cycle type effects embedded in the text for the shirt above, but the harsher points coming out of the text are more in line with something like the lightning vibe of the Los Angeles Chargers. We know the name is out, but could they be going for some other kind of off-radar electric nickname like “Washington Bolts” or “Washington Shockers”? In the end, it’s probably too close to the name Chargers, so we can probably scratch this idea.

Should there be any hint in choosing “WAS” for the shirt above? There’s really no choice of the apparent nickname starting with these three letters, but if you think of them as the WAs, that could set a name like “Washington Ammirals” or “Washington Arrows” or anything else that starts with that letter.

What we do know is that we have at least one football season to wait until Washington brass unveils its new nickname. Until then, we can try to keep trying to read the tea leaves. But based on the complexity of this exercise, we can leave the real detective professionals in the hands of the professionals.

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